Could not set status (success): The given key was not present in the Dictionary

Hey everyone - I am doing the Second UI Path Assignment - Generate Yearly Report. My Dispatcher works fine and successfully sets up my orchestrator queue items. However when I run my Performer the whole process runs successfully on the first iteration until the Set Transaction Status part where I get the error "Could not set transaction status (Success): The given key was not present in the dictionary. This breaks the process and it cannot continue and the item remains ‘in progress’ in my Orchestrator Queue.

As I am new I cannot upload my Project folder however if someone is able to assist me I would be able to send this through, any help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

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Hey @Tedesco_355

Please check if the props you are passing to the Set Transaction Status activity has any config or any dictionary values used.

If yes, please check if the dictionary key values you are passing are valid.



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In set transaction progress if you have mentioned any value in FOLDERPATH property then remove that and give a try


check with all the variables used in set transactions progress activity - property panel

If there are any dictionary variable used for example a in_config, then make sure you have all the keys in config file as well
If not create those and give a try

Cheers @Tedesco_355

I actually had the folder path issue grabbing the first item from the queue however I cannot find a folder path one in the Set Transaction Progress anywhere?

I have now added my code to Google Drive if anybody is able to take a look and see where I am going wrong. Thank you Final_Assignment - Google Drive

There is a property in that activity

If that’s not the case then check for this

Cheers @Tedesco_355

Thank you there was a value in the folder path which was preventing it from setting it as success, thank you for your help


Great if there is. I further queries it would be great if you could close this topic by marking right comment as solution @Tedesco_355

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