Assignment 2 - Set transaction throw error

So my first process for creating the yearly report, runs completely through the entire way and successfully updates work item as completed. But I’m getting this error at the very end when passing to the next.
Any ideas?

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Hey @Sean_Ryan1

Could you please show the arguments of Set Transaction Status ?


i looked at the xaml you uploaded last time and its because
OrchestratorQueueFolder doesnt exist in your config file!

Hello @Sean_Ryan1 ,

Here you missed some setting and thats why you are getting this error. It will be better if you can share the screenshot of the Config file and the property of set transaction status.

Here the error is key is not present, usually it will happen if you are trying to use some key from Dictionary which is not present. So make sure you have declared all the Key values in the Config file and you are using the same in the workflow.