Orchestrator Error - The given key was not present in the dictionary


Can anyone offer a suggestion regarding the following error in Orchestrator?
"The given key was not present in the dictionary"

See attached picture.

Thank you! :*

Hi @JohnnyRR,

I understand that you are trying to take one item from the queue. As per the screenshots,

  1. “Offert…” is the queue name. You don’t need to declare this, it has to be added in orchestrator queue from the orchestrator web page (ie first screenshot is not required)
  2. Now ‘transactionitem’. This should be the output variable to ‘Get Transaction item’ activity where in the queue name is the input. This variable will be of type ‘QueueItem’
  3. After this the second screenshot will make sense and should provide with an output.

Shiju Mathew

error is occuring in orchestrator transactions by Queue

Have you fixed this issue? I met the same situation.

hi All,

There are chances that the value is not there in the queue.
Just delete the existing queue and recreate the queue again that might solve the problem. I too faced the issue by recreating the queue my issue was solved.


check the name ,make sure no space on begin or end