The given key was not present in the dictionary

Hi All,

I’m encountering an error and can’t find the solution, i’ve searched the forum but nothing turned up.


10:19:01.4072 Error {“message”:“Set transaction status : The given key was not present in the dictionary.”,“level”:“Error”,“timeStamp”:“2017-12-12T10:19:01.4072202+01:00”,“windowsIdentity”:“MUTWORLD\F501RPA01”,“processName”:“POT_AS400_Productie”,“processVersion”:“1.0.6549.29376”,“fileName”:“Main”,“jobId”:“feedd65f-25d2-4934-9c95-bac54958a327”,“robotName”:“S501WP1RPARDS01 01”}Untitled

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Hi @matthias.sevenant,

Could you please upload the workflow for more info?

Please let me know what you are trying to perform?


Hi @matthias.sevenant,

This error occurs when trying to access a dictionary using a key that does not exist.

A dictionary is a special form of array arranged by Keys and Values. Every key must be unique and you then use that key to access it’s corresponding value.

e.g. a dictionary may look like dictionary = {A:“Apple”,B:“Orange”,C:“Pear”} If you ask for the value dictonary(A) you will get the value Apple.

if you have a process that doesn’t Always have the required key you can use the Key Exists activity to check before you try and access it.

Or use a try catch to catch the key does not exist exception and handle the error that way.


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I have the same problem in my statemachine while updating the transaction item


In my case this error occured, when I’ve tried to set transaction status two times for the same transaction, e.g. set “Success”, do some things and then again set “Success”.
You should probably check, if the Robot is not processing the same transaction two times or maybe You double setting status somewhere.


I also encountered the same in the past having Two different transactions started concurrently (two different queues), the second “Set” then failed.

Here are screenshot where it is reproduced.





@Florent_Salendres , I think that transactions just can’t be nested. The same is when You use “Add queue item”. If You set up them in order like on my screenshot it works.

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Hello @matthias.sevenant You get the solution for this.


It can mean a great number of things. But to define the error message, the queueitem/transactionitem you are processing is read and the data is stored in a dictionary.

So this message says that the key is not found in the queue item value. So make sure you check the keys you are getting from you transaction item is correct (case sensitive).

Another reason could be that you try setting the transaction status twice for the same item.