Specified folder does not exist get outlook mail message


I have created a workflow to get emails from outlook, and works fine in my machine with my account
but moving clients machine and changing the account and folder properties gives me the error “specified folder does not exist”

Even the emails are not reading from inbox folder

I have tried removing account as mentioned in posts and checked still issue persist

can anyone help me with this?

@Thulini_Dissanayake If you have created specific folder for mails in your outlook account and you are using it for this then the same name of folder should be create on clients account.


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@Vrushali_Gave Have done that! It is not even picking up “Inbox”

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@Thulini_Dissanayake Remove account name from properties panel of get outlook mail message if its there

And also check the clients version of UiPath.Mail.Activities

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@Vrushali_Gave removed it & tested no luck, i willcheck the version. Does it have anything to do with version? If so what should be the version?

@Vrushali_Gave any updates for this issue? I even uninstall & reinstall outlook in client’s machine still the issue persist. Can any one help me

I even uninstall & reinstall outlook in client’s machine still the issue persist. Can any one help me

@Thulini_Dissanayake Do one thing that remove “inbox” and account name from properties panel and keep it as empty

@Vrushali_Gave but i need to read from a subfolder inside inbox which is “Inbox\cvs”
And did try removing account name but no luck

@Thulini_Dissanayake Close outlook and try to open it Run as administrator and execute the workflow again

@Thulini_Dissanayake Is this workflow running properly in your machine?

@Vrushali_Gave Yes its working fine in my machine

@Thulini_Dissanayake Can you share screen shot of workflow and properties panel?

@Vrushali_Gave here you go this is a screen shot of my machine, i don’t have access to client’s machine at the moment . But he is executing the same workflow

@Thulini_Dissanayake z Yes its totally right. It should work …

@Thulini_Dissanayake Try to put “Inbox\cvs” as “MailFolder” - but using Expression Editor . Seems that there is some bug that disables the field right next to “MailFolder”.

I hope this will help you

@Vrushali_Gave No luck in that i have already tried that :frowning:

@Thulini_Dissanayake Check the account setting of outlook at client machine. If several e-mail accounts in outlook using POP3 then in the “Account” field just write: “Outlook”.
hope it helps.

@Vrushali_Gave Thanks i will check that and get back to you. Could you please share me a screen shot of where to find this configuration in outlook