Read outlook mails from outlook if two accounts are configured in the system

Hi Everyone,
I’m trying to read outlook mail messages. But when I include ‘Account’ in ‘Get Outlook Mail Messages’ properties, I’m getting “The specified folder does not exist” error. If I don’t include anything in the “Account” field, it is reading emails from the first or default account. I want to read emails from a specific account. How can I do that?

It should work provided you have given exact email id of the acocunt and folder name “Inbox”.

Make sure the second email account is visible in your outlook. Expand it and verify manually.

I can see the secondary email in the outlook. But still not working. :frowning_face:

Can you share screenshot of properties tab. Also,what account are you using as secondary

I have replaced the account with dummy account name.

Uipath code is fine… I believe its something related to outlook set up of secondary account …
@supermanPunch Your thoughts on this pls

@krishnakanth.k @Benone.Samuel.India I guess this post has some of the thoughts that i wanted to Elaborate on and Check, So if the Suggestions in this post might not help, then we’ll Check what’s wrong in anothe way :sweat_smile:

Is it “Inbox” or “inbox”
Kindly check once the mailbox folder name in that account
Else everything looks fine

Cheers @krishnakanth.k

I tried both. But no luck.

We are using Windows 10 and outlook 2016.

It would actually work buddy
Fine did we try with Get Exchange Mail activity

Cheers @krishnakanth.k