Specified folder does not exist

Hiii all of you,

i’m trying to automate the outlook mail message by using the Get Outlook Mail Messages
and just Show the subjects of all mail messages,

But while running the project it throws the error “Specified folder does not exist”.

also i change the mail Folder "inbox’ to “Draft” and “Send Items” but still it throws the same error.


Hi @swanand_deshmukh,

can you send me the .xaml file which you worked or else the screenshot.


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Hi make sure the folder names are correct.
Sent Items
(Check for the exact folder names including the Upper and lower case).


Refer this image

Yes i copy’d the exact name of folder

Please also clear out any extra spaces if you have in the MailFolder
Eg: “Inbox” and not "Inbox "

no there is no any Extra spaces


Why the account value is empty in the properties?
You should enter the email address.

i watch the video regarding this so it show that if we run the process for local system then we don’t want to specify the account values.

and also i give the input to account value and run it but it doesn’t work

Please do a simple sequence as a test.

Just create a simple sequence and drag the “Get Outlook Mail Message activity” and run it (Don’t alter any values). This should work fine.

(The MailFolder here will be “Inbox” by default).

And no need to specifu account values.

yes i’m not specifies any value in mail folder it takes the by default value as “inbox” and then run it also it shows the same error and after i try with send item and all then also gives me the same error

Please share the Outlook folder structure.


Is Outlook application installed ? And also make sure it should be online when BOT was running.

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Yes it is online while running the BOT

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This should definitely work if Outlook is available. Please try restarting UiPath and run it again.