Special characters using Simulate Type


I’ve been trying to type the special character ‘<’ using the type into activity with the Simulate Type property. I have tried to escaping the character in different ways but it has not helped me in any way.

Has anyone had the same problem? How could I solve it? I am using Studio version 2019.10.4

would be great if you can tell us which type of system is used (WebApp, Desktop App…)
However give a try on the chr method

Hi @ppr,

Thanks for your quick response.

It is in an automation in a web application, exactly in a login, where I have to enter Username and Password. The password is a string with several special characters and it is obtained through a Credential from the Orchestrator, I printed the variable and it is extracted correctly but when it starts typing only part of the password is entered, in fact it types up to that symbol. Use this String as an example: “$M<$tT”