String variable and special key using type into activity


I am trying to include a string variable and a special key (tab) in a type into activity. I want to input the string variable (invoice amount) and immediately tab out of the inputted field.

I’ve noticed that while my string variable value is inputted correctly I’m not convinced the tab action is working correctly as my cursor ends up in a completely unexpected field. See attachment for further details.

I note that if I just have the tab special key in the type into activity the cursor ends up in the correct field.

Any help would be much appreciated.



String variable and special key issue.docx (101.6 KB)

Hello @JeffNZ1,

What settings do you have in Type Into activity?

Maybe you need to play with these settings, and see which one is working.


Hi @JeffNZ1,

Try with below options :

  1. Special Keys/Hotkeys are not supported by input method SimulateType.
    So just uncheck this option and try running same workflow.

  2. Instead of giving tab option in same type into activity., in type into just pass invoice amt string and then use send hotkey activity inside pass you special key : Tab