Type special characters in typeinto text box

i need to enter !@#$% this type of special characters in my application , i am trying to use with type into activities but it is not working please help me anyone.

Thanks in advance

Hi @vinay1,

Check the properties of the activity, for example I think that if the SendWindowMessages property is checked, the text !@#% will be typed like !23%.


@vinay1 please uncheck send windows messages and check simulatetype and try

hi pathrudu ,

Please look in to the above screen here i need to enter tht special character value i have tried by checking the properties what you have suggested. it is not working.

Thanks in advance

hope its a terminal emulator Please check weather window is active or not. and also try targeting location by clipping region.

if not working, check with terminal activities is there any option. i cannot give any info about terminal activities as i haven’t used them

please check and confirm me

Thanks susana,

I have tried with the properties it is not working , actually i am trying to enter text value in putty terminal.