I can't write the "<" sign using type into

I’m trying to write the “<” sign using type into with the option simulatetype = true, but I couldn’t write it.

In that case,it means that your application doesnt support simulate click.You cab try without simulate click property

I’m running the program in the cloud, and in the cloud there is no driver input (keyboard / mouse) so I have to use the option simulatetype = true. if not, it won’t run

Okay,Can you try saving “<” in to a variable…Use “Set to clipboard” activity and put the created variable there…Then use click activity at the position where you want to type it. Then use send hot keys activity, Ctrl+v.

Try and let me know if this helped

( ‘Data de Início Agendada+’ >= “ 23:59:59”) AND (‘Data de Início Agendada+’ <= “ 23:59:59” ) AND ( ‘Status*’ != “Rascunho” AND ‘Status*’ != “Cancelado” )

I need to type all this, with this option it would not be viable for the program

It should be possible…Its just a variable getting pasted. Have it in a variable(whatever you needed to type)