Special Anchor Base case!

I think the screenshot is very clear … haha
For the user, it’s not fixed interface like mine… so I need to anchor the old matl number…
how can I do?


Instead of anchor base
You can try with direct click activity with css selector which helps to uniquely identify the element,

Try that
It would be much faster in response

Nived N
Happy Automation

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HI @Chen_Kenny

Do not understand your issue. I have actually never seen an Anchor in SAP WinGUI.

Can you describe your use case? What you want to achieve?

Best regards, Lev

Hi Lev Kushnik,

I want to upload a txt. file for mass update data.
The file is included several materials id, so I have to find the right button of “Old matl number”.
But different users have different individual setting, that means the button isn’t fixed in the second row. So I tried to use anchor activity… but it doesn’t work.