Anchor base Assistance?

Hi there,

Looking to see if i could get some assistance with trying to anchor a moving window.


We anchored the whole box, and then put a click activity to click the Export button. Initially we had it working, but i re-ran the RPA and now it seems to have timed out.

Is there a better way of anchoring this element?

Thank you :slight_smile:


you can use the attatch window activity and inside use the click activity


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Hi @dylanTana

Kindly try with click activity with attach window

Make sure you avoid idx and go with aaname or inner text as selector attributes


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@dylanTana It looks like the selector got changed. Can you validate the selector once. Also, can you share your selector screenshot

Hi all,

Thanks so much for the suggestion; Attach window worked initially, but i re-ran the process and now it timed out. Am i doing something wrong? See below;

The other issue i’m having is that “Attach Window” selects the whole window as opposed to just the “Export to PDF” window. I was able to drag and select only the “Export to PDF”, but i can’t figure out the issue.

(For context, i’m using Studio 2020 btw).

Thanks :slight_smile:

Ok i think the issue seems to lie in the Click.

I ran the process with breakpoint; and it seems to fail at the click activity.

@dylanTana May be selectors are changing.In webctrl id remove all the numbers and add with * example id = ‘bobjid_*_dialog_submitBtn’ tag=‘Table’

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@dylanTana Please remove the ids from the selector of click activity. And see is there any aaname in the selector. If you don’t find this try the below steps

  • Select the element first
  • Open the selector in UiExplorer
  • And check for aaname. If it present then enable that into your selector
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Hi @ushu and everyone thank you so much!!! This seems to work, removing the ID’s seems to be the cause of the issue. Thanks everyone again :slight_smile: :slight_smile: This is such a great forum i’m really happy at how active and helpful everyone is.

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