SAP Anchor Based Activity not working


I need to validate the data stored in SAP, Fields might change in SAP during update or with the Transactions, So i want to automate using anchor based activities but Due to minimal availability of attributes in selectors i couldn’t able to program it,

ID attribute refers to the position which ends with logical issue when the field position changes in future. As a routine procedure aaname attribute is not available in SAP, i have enabled the script.

I have tried with Anchor Based activity with Find Image and tried with text attribute

Also explored few attributes in UiExplorer to make it dynamic.


Appreciate if anyone can address this issue…

HI @GouthamVijay

Please describe the use case, what you would like to achieve and what are your concerns!

I do not see any need to use Anchor technology in SAP WinGUI, as all elements are stable and not changing actually. The flow above looks too complicated for me!

For verification purposes I would use our latest Testing activities for verification

Best regards, Lev

Hi @LevKushnir

Use-case: Validating and copy all the data in SAP from Invoice Date, Amount fields etc,
During validation if the position changes then logic would go wrong. Refer to the below images

For some particular transaction, fields starts with Inv.rept date

And for most of others:

As i already mentioned in the earlier post, using an anchor would solve the above issue and i have few alternatives to solve the above issue but those are not straightforward approach.

Hope it clarifies…

Hi @GouthamVijay

The best solution for SAP WinGUI automation is using of native SAP selectors. With this approach, the identification of element is happening with help of SAP Technical IDs and it does not matter, where is the element on the page. We will always find it based on this ID.

SAP Technical ID does not contain the position of the object. They are unique


What I am saying, the reliable and stable automation is done with SAP Scripting interface.

Anchors are in most case nice to have feature or even workaround


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Yes, SAP ID’s are unique in each of the fields , As there is no FiledName present in the ID attribute,i can’t rely on those. Right now i am first verifying the fieldName for example Invoice Date,
getText(Invoice Date)
if(InvoiceDate.toString.Equals(Invoice Date))then fetch the data
else: exception(condition differs as per transaction)

Thanks for your suggestions and support.