Source: action type into 'editable text'

Main has thrown an exception
Source: action type into ‘editable text’
message:activity timeout exceeded
exception type:activitytimeoutexception

Can anyone tell me how to rectify this error. What is the error.

@karthik_venkat, This happens when runtime exceeds the time given in TimeOut property for that activity.
Also selector isn’t reliable to be find.

Dominic :slight_smile:

Please check out your selector in the Type Into activity. that is causing for this exception.

Hello there,
Please take a look in case you missed .

Happy Automation.
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Hi Dominic,

how to pass the variables for timeout?

I CREATED VARIABLE FOR DATA TABLE AND FOR BOOLEAN. But dont know how to do for time. Can I increase the time with the variable.

@karthik_venkat, Create an integer variable where the count you give is in milli seconds

Dominic :slight_smile:


That is simple one, I typed a word in a box.

ok will create, how it take the time, whether it is seconds or minutes.

ok, will work on it and say…thanks

Hi Dominic,

Can you help me with my scenario?

Hi ddpadil,

Can you help me with my scenario?

yes please.
Need more detail.