On element appear activity timeout exceeded


On Element Appear capture with Activity timeout exxceeded
, how to resolve?

Hi @Hima ,

This is because it could’t find then screen.
If the screen is taking more time then better to increase the timeout as default timeout is 30 sec.


I have set as long timeout 300000 also same problem, tried many setting as RepeatForever = False, not working also

I am wondering why when i edit the selector with the in_transactionItem it got red in validate button?

Hi Hima,

The selector will be Invalid as we have inserted a variable into it. That’s should be working fine if our variable gives a valid input.

The variable you declared in the aaname section is incorrect. Kindly insert your variable as given in the below sample picture.


Hope this helps. Thank you :slight_smile:

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Hi @Hima

Try to correct the variable that re using a argument.

aaname =’"+in_TransactionItem+"’


A transaction item isn’t a single variable with a single value. It’s a complex datatype. You have to reference properties of it, for example, in_TransactionItem.SpecificContent(“somefieldname”).ToString

Hi ,

have define the variable as per suggested, still getting the same problem


I have set the timeout more, it seems gone through that element


Have you tried setting the WaitForReady property to complete?

Hi Monsieurrahul,

Almost try everything here, but it did not work
Here is the results after change the properties to complete

Process.xaml (14.4 KB)

attached the xaml file for your kind assistance