Issue with Dynamic Selectors RPA Challenge

Hi there, im kinda new into the dynamic selectors world. I’ve been trying to solve the “RPA Challenge” with dynamic selectors, unfortunately by the time i debug my code, it sends me a message “Activity timeout exceeded” so i can’t find my error yet. I would appreciate either your help with my specific problem or documentation in order to understand dynamic selectors in the latest Studio version. Thks for your time.

here is my selector (i tried to create the dynamic selector with right-click and “create variable” ):


When you are passing the Variable, It will show you invalid only, because in the run time only you will get the variable value. Pass the value as you have given in the 1st image

So run the sequence and let us know if it’s not working

Hope this will help you



Can you please try dynamic selector some like below?

Thank you.


Pls have a view on this document on how to handle dynamic selectors

And coming to this scenario if you have created yeah as a variable then it has to be passed like
This is in selector editor
aaname = ‘{{yeah}}’

Cheers @Efrain_Magos