[solved] Type special character list not selectable

I have a problem. I am trying to go through lesson 7 practice from the first level course. Everything seems to be working fine, except for selecting “tabulator” from the dropdown list visible in “type” menu. (applies to other special keys as well) I can see it, but clicking it does not paste it into text line. However when i manually put [k(tab)] it’s working well.

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Could you please show me screenshot of that error and Type Into activity properties.

Hi @kszwed,

Once you try to type in text box, the selection is getting disabled.

If you are facing this issue, just restart the recording of Type activity. :grinning:

Ok, i got it. For some reason the special chars were just not visible in the dialog (contrary to what i’ve seen in the official tutorial). While executing sequence everything was ok. Although it’s still annoying.

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That’s great :smiley:

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