Slow Element Exists activity

Good day. I would like to know if there’s any way to make the Element Exists activity faster in checking the UI element? Because it’s taking too long for it to check and I couldn’t find anything in its properties also and in UIExplorer, there’s no setting in changing its speed.

Please help me on this one. Thank you.


The “Element Exists” activity in UiPath is designed to wait until the specified UI element exists or until a timeout is reached. If the element typically appears quickly, you can reduce the timeout to a lower value.
“OnElementAppear” event in combination with the “Wait For Ready” property set to “COMPLETE”. This can allow the automation to continue as soon as the element appears, rather than waiting for the entire timeout period.

You can use CV element exists

Here in the properties you can customize timeout

even in element exists you can do the same


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Hello. What’s the noticeable difference aside the more properties in CV element exists?

Hey @Bruskie143 , You can use check app state instead of element exists and increase or decrease the delay in it

Or you can decrease the delays in the Project->settings->Ui automation modern/classic

You can decrease the delays while by decreaseing it in run value

Hope it helps you out

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It will do the same task for you , it just needs to be put inside cv scope

However even in element exists there is a time out property just click on the “+” symbol on the left and you will see all the target properties


is the CV element exists same with Check App State activity?

No check app state and element exists are two different things

In UiPath, the “Check App State” activity is used to determine the state of a specified application or window. It allows you to check whether an application is running, not running, or in a specific state. This activity is particularly useful when you need to interact with applications in a controlled manner based on their current state.

Whereas The “CV Element Exists” activity is based on image recognition and can locate elements based on their appearance, even if traditional selectors are not available.


Is Check App State activity applicable if I only want to check if a pop-up exist after clicking a button?

I see. Is Check App State activity applicable if I only want to check if a pop-up exist after clicking a button?

Check app state might work depending on your website try usin both check app state and element exists , element exists has a high chance of working


Hey @Bruskie143 ,
It will work only if you target the popup,
basic working of Check app state that can be used inn your case is

If the element appears then close the popup
if the element does not appear then continue with the flow

I’m currently using an application, not website, on checking the popup after clicking a button. Would it be okay if I only target the pop-up for Check App State to check?

Will it wok even if I’m using desktop application and not website?

yes you can do this


@Bruskie143 , Yess it will work!
Test it and let us know the result

Hi @Bruskie143

The default time out for the element exist activity is 30000 milliseconds means 30seconds. You can change default time out in the Project settings. Then it will wait for the time what we will give.

Steps → Open the Project Panel → Click on settings → one window will open → In Left We have Activities settings, Click on the Ui Automation Classic → In that you have the Element exist option as shown below you can change the Timeout value in Run value and debug value.

Check the below image for better understanding :

Note - You have to give the values in milliseconds only.

Hope it helps!!

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@Vikas_M hello. It works as intended. Thank you.

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Hey @Bruskie143 ,
Kindly close this topic by marking solution to appropriate post. So it will be helpful for other users too. :smiley: