Element exist and If condition is slow

Hello All,

I am using Element exists activity and saved as a Boolean, then using if condition to check- eleExists = true–> following commands.

Command is working fine, but its taking long time for the next action. Kindly suggest if there is a solution.

Also noticed, Element exists command is only available in modern view, not showing in classic.

Hi @Ranjit_Nayak1,
Did you mean that Element exist function is take too long or steps inside if ?
what about using new activity called Check APP State activity its better and more faster than that check below screen mentioned in below comment.

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Did you mean that Element exist function is take too long or steps inside if ?

Steps inside if condition- when it goes to else part its slow.

No I mentioned its better to use that does not mean its slow however as i understand now from your last comment that slowness in if else not in element exist so can you please share with us activities inside else if

else part- is just updating excel file with status- no data available
But element exist- true, then it runs as usual.

i got it know you mean that if the element not appear its take long time till show the element not. that is because element exist wait till time out ended then show you element not found you can solve that by two options first one is to minimize time out to be less than 30 sec else to use Check App State Activity please try and update us with the result :slight_smile:


If that element is not appeared…then in error state or the state when element is not appeared…then if any other element appears?

If ao you can use parallel will two element exists one for success and one for failure and in aprallel condition use or between both boolean outputs…

So the execution comes out if either a sucess element appears or a failure element appears so that bot need not wait till timeout

Hope this helps


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Got it! Will try this, Thanks!

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This works excellent! Thanks!

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Hi Anil,

I have a similar usecase on the page, I need to move further after 3 radio buttons are selected. And those radio buttons sometimes wont be available.

How do I put condition and move further, any suggestions please?



Parallel can be used for 3 as well…a if condition will increase but the logic will still be intact


Is that Check App State activity? I can put the positive usecase under If Target appear

Then which part will go to Target doesn’t appear? Because for both the cases it should move further.


You will use 2 check app states or element exists one for success and one for failure


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