Check app state/ Element exists activities taking too much time

Hi Team,

In my automation I used Check app state activity and Element Exists activities . I have given 5 sec delay in timeout property. by when executing these activities taking too much time than the timeout . Attaching the screenshot for reference.

Thanks in advance.

In the wait for page to load property can you specify interactive and then see if it makes any difference.


Already tried that methods, but it is not working as expected. Still the issue exists.

Hi @Vipin_Mathew

While using the check app state activity the default time to check the element appears is 5 seconds and there is one more 2 seconds delay for this activity in delay before property. But the element exist and check app state takes much time than the other activities.

Hope it helps!!

How long does it take?

Hi @Vipin_Mathew

If you’re trying to check a browser popup, that definitely takes time, apart from that it should be able to find the elements as soon as it becomes interactive


Please use a log message before it…may be the time
Is taken before coming to the activity only …can you please check and confirm


Already used Log messages in the process before the activity executes. That log is written successfully after that bot enters into the check app state/ Element exists activities
and waiting for long time. The issue occurred intermittently.


If you are running in debug mode there might be more delays you might see…to confirm that please run the process in run mode or from orchestrator then you can see the exact wait times


@adiijaiin I used element exists activity earlier, there also am facing the same issue.

@Anil_G In run mode also it should be the same issue

@efelantti more than 5 mins to 1hr


Please try refining the selector and did you use any wait for load or so?

Can you keep it to none and check


Hi @Vipin_Mathew

If the activities consistently take longer than the specified timeout, you can increase the timeout value to allow more time for the activities to complete. Try increasing the timeout incrementally and observe if the activities can complete within the new timeout value, also ensure that the selector used in the “Element Exists” activity is accurate and specific enough to identify the element reliably. A more precise selector can improve the performance of the activity and reduce the execution time.


Issue got resolved after the UiPath package upgrades, thank you for your thoughts

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