Shared mailbox - saving email into 'Draft' folder of shared mailbox

I have a robot that produces a number of emails with attachements and saves them in my ‘Draft’.

I use ‘send outlook mail message’ activity to achieve that.
However I am also a member of another mailbox which is a shared mailbox to which other users of my team have access and i would like to save the emails in the ‘Draft’ folder of shared mailbox rather than my primary mailbox.

Can I achieve that?

Below is a screenshot of my procedure:

Hi @Paulos29 ,

Switch to the Get Exchange Mail Messages ( )

Here you have the SharedMailbox field that enables the retrieving of messages from a shared mailbox linked to an Exchange user account.

Best regards,

Thanks Marius (for a prompt answer, again :slight_smile: )

Maybe I wasnt clear enough in my first post - I want to save the emails which i created onto the shared mailbox rather than retrieve the emails from shared mailbox.

There is an activity ‘Move Exchange Mail message’ however i havent really used it before.