How to Save Outlook Mail Message as Draft to a different account?

I have a personal outlook mailbox, then we have a shared mailbox with the team. I want to generate draft emails that will be saved to our shared mailbox’s draft folder instead of mine.

On Properties >> Input >> Account: I have indicated our shared mailbox in this format ""
On Outlook settings: I have added the shared mailbox and also set it as default.

But still, all the draft messages are being stored on my personal account. I have no problems sending messages from the shared mailbox, but saving them as draft is difficult. It’s going to the wrong account. Hope anyone can help me with this :slight_smile:


Hi Tia,

I’ve been trying to resolve the same problem. It doesn’t appear Microsoft provides any way to do this. The only way to do it seems to be having this add-on installed on users’ Outlooks. Let me know if you’ve found anything else. Thanks!