Mail Activities v1.9.5 vs v1.10.4 - Send Exchange Mail Message "SaveCopy" to different mailbox

Hi All,

I’ve been using Send Exchange Mail Message with Office365 shared mailbox. Prior to upgrade(v1.9.5) the “SaveCopy” emails have been saved to the user’s sent mailbox. Immediately after upgrade, the sent email are not saved. (in the user email or shared mailbox)
In a test of a new workflow, I found the sent email is now saved in the shared mailbox’s sent folder instead the usual user’s sent folder.
Anyone else having the same issue?



Hi @LeoRX
Before 1.10.4 there was a bug in the activity that saved a copy of the email in the Sent Items folder of the user’s mailbox. In 1.10.4 the issue was corrected: when sending an email from a shared mailbox account, the mail appears in the shared mailbox’s Sent Items folder.


Hi Ovidiu,
Thank you for confirming this. I couldn’t find it the release note and thought it was odd.
I also had an issue where the older processes upgraded to 1.10.4, the email continue to send but it does not save a copy of the email in the sent folder. Cut and paste the activity at the same location seems to fix the issue.

Thanks again.


I take that back. I wasn’t able to resolve the save copy issue on all of my processes with the cut can paste method. Revert back to 1.9.5 for now.

@LeoRX Can you please check if the issue happens only for emails with attachments?

Hi Ovidiu,

Confirming it is only happening with emails with attachments.

Thank you.

Thanks, @LeoRX. We will fix this in a next patch.

@ovidiuponoran Thank you. Looking forward to it.

@LeoRX Can you please check if it is working now with the attached alpha version (please make sure you check “Include prerelease” in Manage Packages dialog)?
uipath.mail.activities.1.11.1-alpha.1680694.nupkg (2.2 MB)

:warning: Being an alpha version, this package is intended only for testing purposes, do not use it in production.

So, I am trying to accomplish the same thing. I need to save a copy of the sent email in the shared mailbox’s Sent folder.

  • Using SendExchangeMail from your Alpha package
  • “From” set to the shared mailbox email address
  • SaveCopy selected
  • “To” set to my email address
  • Running on my local computer

When I send the email, my email account (the To address) gets the email. The copy is saved to MY email’s Sent folder. Nothing is saved in the shared mailbox’s sent folder.

Am I missing something?



Hi @carlor
I’ve just run a quick test with the latest beta build and it works for me, i.e. the emails appear in the shared mailbox’s Sent Items folder. I tested also with O365 Settings and with emails having attachments and emails with no attachments.

From = “a_shared_mailbox_address”
To = “my_email_address” / “another_email_address”
SaveCopy selected
User = “my_email_address”
Password = “my_password”

uipath.mail.activities.1.11.0-beta.1696725.nupkg (2.2 MB)

Can you please check with this build too? Thanks.

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Ding Ding Ding!! We have a winner!

This build worked perfectly. Do you have an idea when this version will be released?



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Thanks for your feedback.
It will be released most probably next week.

Thank you!

@carlor Please use 1.11.0-preview version available on the Official feed (make sure Include Prerelease is selected)

@ovidiuponoran apologies for the late response. Confirming 1.11.0-preview is working correctly for me as well. Thank you.

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