Send Exchange Mail - Sent Mail Missing

Anyone noticed that the email sent via send exchange mail activity for a shared mailbox is not showing up in the send item folder at all?

The email did get sent out successfully to the recipients but somehow it is nowhere to be found when I access the shared mailbox via outlook or even using OWA.

I didn’t have such issues with a normal mail address.

Trying to figure out if this is a bug or anything.
Im using Enterprise Uipath 2018.4.4.

Hi @ryuseihime,

It’s a feature of Outlook. You can use the “Save Copy” property checked for Send Exchange Mail Activity. It’ll save a copy of the sent mail and you’ll be able to see it on Outlook.

Oh! I didn’t realise that. Okay I will try again. Thanks!

No problem. If it works as you expected please mark the reply as the solution :slight_smile: Thanks!

Happy automation!

Ah but, I have another issue… somehow the save a copy is now saving the mail into the sent folder of my main email sent item instead of in the shared mailbox sent item… =/

Is that normal?

Which version are you using the Mail activities? Please check this answer from another topic: Mail Activities v1.9.5 vs v1.10.4 - Send Exchange Mail Message "SaveCopy" to different mailbox - #3 by ovidiuponoran

It should be fixed if you update the activity package from the package manager.


I am using enterprise Uipath 2018.4.4. somehow for shared mailbox, the save a copy function saves the mail into my main account that has access to the shared mailbox instead of saving it onto the sent folder of the shared mailbox. So not sure why is that so.