Send email from shared mailbox, draft get in personal inbox

With mail UiPath.Mail.Activities package 1.18.2 (Windows Framework) I open a shared mailbox. When I do the “Send Mail” with checkmark on “Save as Draft” it saves to my personal Inbox as Draft and not into the shared Mailbox. The opening of the shared mailbox is done via Integration Service Authentication.

Not helpful as someone else who also has access to the shared mailbox should act on the drafts.

Any idea how to make it happen that draft is saved in SHARED mailbox?


By default it saves on the personal inbox itslef…

You can use move mail activity to move it to the shared mailbox draft folder


Thanks a lot Anil_G!
don’t see this solution as easy as there is no unique email identifier of the draft email. So what i there other draft mails already? Then Robot may need to go over subject. But what if other drafts with same subject are there already? And is the move activity also suited for moving between different mailboxes?


You can use body as well…as you are creating the email you would know the body value as well…

And apart from that when you retrieve emails from drafts always the latest one would be the first mail you get…so you can move that by default

Yes move can move from personal to shared mailbox…


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Maybe you can use different activity? For instance, send exchange mail message can use shared mailbox and it will save mail with marked checkbox Save copy.

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@Yameso good suggestion! Tried now with the Office 365 “Send mail” (not the classic one).

+Works to save in draft of shared mailbox
-now struggle to format the body. There is the nice “Bold”, “Italic” etc… but they don’t have any function. I need the body in HTML.

send exchange is no longer available for framework=windows

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@Anil_G thanks - but can’t see that the “move mail” activity in the mail package supports 2 accounts. The “move Outlook mail message” can contain 1 account… hmhh


In Move mail

You already have the mailmessage with you which you would have got using get mail activity…

That is to be passed as mailmessage and account would be the shared account you connect to…and the folder name would be drafts…

You do not need to connect to both at the same time…retrieving you will connect to main mail box and for move you will give shared mail box


Account - Shared mailbox
Folder - Drafts
MailMessage - Mail Message retrieved from drafts folder of main mail box

Hope this helps


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Send mail with 365 has the option to mark body as html. I believe you can also use this one, but you need to check:


@Anil_G and @Yameso - thank you! Both of your suggestions do work.

I’ll use the “create-html-content” until the bug is fixed in the “O365-send_email” activity (no HTML formatting) as it’s very simple. Just use the output of the “create-html-content” as variable for the body

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