Setup UiPath Studio and Back Office Robot

Help me please!

  1. I want to run the development environment (Studio Authorized User) on a physical machine, and running tasks on the server. For this I need a studio license to develop and transfer to the Orchestrator license and a back office robot license so that it works on the server?
  2. Can I place the orchestrator and back office robot on the same server?
    If my option is not correct or can be easier, tell me please

Hi Kirill_Kubskiy,

  1. For development you need a Studio license(no need to transfer the license to Orchestrator, just license Studio). The Robot on the Studio machine can be connected to Orchestrator(provision/add it as Development Robot). Once you finish develop your project on your physical machine, with the Robot connected, you can Publish it to Orchestrator. Then, in order to run the project from Orchestrator on another machine, you need a back-office Robot, or Unattended Robot. And of course you need a license for the Robot.

  2. You can have Orchestrator and Unattended Robot on the same machine, but it’s not a best practice. Of course, you can access Orchestrator from a different machine(in the same domain), but in my opinion it’s best to have the Unattended Robot on a different machine.

So, to summarize, I would say to have the Orchestrator on a server, Studio on the physical machine(just like you said) and the Unattended Robot on another machine(for example virtual machine). But the configuration really depends on your resources. Anyways, when you decide to purchase the licenses, my colleagues will provide more details and i suggest you take a look before at the minimum software and hardware requirements. They are in the user guides:

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ovi, thanks for the answer
Сan i put the back office robot on the windows server 2008/2012?

Yes, you can.

Thanks my friend

How can I publish the robot I developed in UiPath Studio(has its own server) to the UiRobot (which is in another server)?

you need to see the answered post #2

On this step:
• In the Machine field, type the name of the machine that needs to be connected to Orchestrator

Which machine should I connect. the UiPath Studio machine or the UiRobot Machine?