On-premise installation - Everything at one VDS


I have a VDS, so multiple people can login on the same machine, with different credentials, but resources will be shared.

I am wondering if it is possible, to install Orchestrator, Studio & Robot on this machine (maybe different users) and use it with fully possibilities. I am planning to have an unattended license.



Yes you can install community edition in any windows machine. Server or work station.


And what about enterprise? Can I install all of these on a single server?

If your VDS is strong enough and capable to run several virtual servers, yes.

Just remember that ideally you need a separate (virtual) server for:

  • OnPrem Orchestrator
  • Unattended Robot
  • a Server for each Studio User
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Thanks! That’s what I was looking for.

I know recommendations, however I was wondering if it is even possible.

Glad to be of help.

Make sure to meet the hardware requirements from the documentation:

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