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We purchased studio and robot licenses for our production. We installed the installer and applied the license for the studio but we do not know where to put the license for the robot. We will be using it as attended robot so we do not have a need for orchestrator.

Do we need the robot?

Thanks in advance

Hi @wonderingnoname,
Hope this will help you:

You can also contact with our Technical Support :wink:

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Hi @Pablito thank you for the reply.

In our case is it correct that we will be activating it using the command line? I just do not see why do we still need to activate the license for the robot on the same machine with the studio when we can already run it from the studio. Is there any benefit? Or can we use the license for the robot on another machine?


License for robot is useful if you are planning to use Orchestrator then you can run job from it on the machine where robot is deployed. Eventually you can install Robot with license on other computer and copy projects manually to it without orchestrator.

For your case Studio will just work similar to Attended robot so if it is enough for you then you don’t need to put robot license anywhere :slight_smile:

How will be the setup for that if the other machine will only have the robot?

This should tell you more:

Thanks for the help!

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