UiPath Installing Dev and Production Enviroment

I have to create 2 new enviroment development and production and i need help with the HW requirements.
For the development enviroment i would like to install Studio,Robot(unattended) and Orchestrator on the same machine, is it possible? what are the hardware requirements?


It is not impossible, but surely not recommended to have studio and unattended robot to use the same machine as they will not be able to be used at the same time…

Thank you.
Can you explain what hardware I have to ask to IT department for 2 developers? 2 virtual machine? 1 for studio and robot and 1 for orchestrator? It is necessary 1 for SQL server too?


  • Studio will typically be on your local machine, but you could place it on a VM if you wish. (We do both, internal developers on their personal machines and a VM/Jumpbox for our off-site contractors).
  • Robot Machine - Number of hosts will depend on how many Robots you will be running and whether you will set it up 1:1 or 1:many (High Density). Note that High Density requires additional Windows licensing for allow more then 2 concurrent connections.
  • VM for Orchestrator and Elastic Cache, and generally a separate VM for SQL Server.

There really is a lot of ways that you could go about this; for instance when you are referring to Development environment are you strictly speaking of Studio or are you intending to have a separate infrastructure, or possibly Orchestrator with Tenents or Folders setup? If for development purposes you can house it all on one host, but not recommended for production. You also need to be mindful when upgrading components on a single host from what I recall. The upgrade documentation should have a note on this.

I would review the documentation

You can see hardware here:

Thank you.
The requirements are as follows: 2 developers on the same process.
The customer must to automate the first process .
I have to set up a development environment and a production environment for 1 unattended bot; i’m looking for the minimum configuration.