Setup orchestrator - sharring Studio and Robot license

I need to understand the way to setup Orchestrator machines and robots to be able to share licenses.

I have the following machines:

  • 1 machine A with SQL server installed
  • 1 machine B with Orchestrator installed
  • 2 machines C and D with Studio and Robot installed
  • 1 machine E with Studio and Robot installed and ElasticSearch to be installed later on

I have the following licenses (all with the same activation key):

  • 1 Orchestrator (license activated)
  • 2 Studio
  • 2 Unattended Robot

If I understand it correct, I need to do following:

  • Create an Active Directory user with Admin access to the B, C, D and E machines.
  • In Orchestrator create a Machine Template
  • In Orchestrator create a Robot as Floating Development

To clarify, is it correct and is there enything else I need to do?

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hi @Claus

For orchestrator you will need SQL installed on the same machine, so as per your license:
System A: Orchestrator, SQL server, and Elastic Search installed
System B and C: Studio’s installed
System D and E: Unattended Robots installed

All the systems need to be in communication mode so it would be easier for you to install license via Orchestrator :slight_smile:

You will need to do all the following:

  • Get the machines all added up in the Orchestrator
  • All machines will be standard as right now floating won’t help you as you don’t have an extra machine to use that up.

Hope this helps :slight_smile:
Cheers :smiley: and a good day :slight_smile:


I can’t change the configuration, it is allready decided and has to be as I described. But thanks for the suggestion.

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The reason you are doing it wrong is as follow:

You can’t have the same development and unattended robot on a single machine…(Possible if multi-login is allowed on the system)

Else you will be in always binding to update the robot type as per usage

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“For orchestrator you will need SQL installed on the same machine, so as per your license:” -> SQL must not be on the same machine. That’s wrong


the Orchestrator must have access to the SQL server… that also with it’s own set of credentials Does it help ?

@loginerror can you please take a look at the above configuration shared by @Stephu and @Claus

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We have a seperate server for database. You can configure a connectionstring at installation of orchestrator.


My apologies, that does make sense :slight_smile:

Now does your system have multi-login enabled?

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What has the question of “sql db on same server as orchestrator” to do with “multi-login”. Or is this a new question?

its a new question regarding the machines hosting the development studio and unattended robot !

Pardon me for confusing you! :frowning:

What do you mean which “multi-login”? We connected orchestrator with our AD. Aditionally we have mutli tenants and are using the units feature.

What I meant was that are you able to connect both the development and the unattended in a single go i.e. simultaneously ?

No. We in the case you buy an orchestrator licence you will get licences for 3 systems (DEV-TEST-PROD). We separated these 3 systems.

Again I do agree, but ummm…

But a single machine won’t sustain the Studio and Robot

Cause that would lead either allowing development on the machine or the Robot working… unless you have multi-simultaneous login allowed on your machine.

I do not understand your goal.

I am just saying if the thing you are suggesting will conflict with development…!!!

Why there should be conflict? I have this setup and there is no conflict.

uummmm, lets assume you are doing development and the unattended robot is initiated? Does it conflict ?

You really plan to develop on the machine where your unattended robots are running? :thinking:
We have multiple servers:

  • 1 Server: Orchestrator DEV

  • 1 Server: Orchestrator TEST

  • 1 Server: Orchestrator PROD

  • 1-n Server: for unattended Robots TEST

  • 1-n Server: for unattended Robots PROD

Maybe there are other setups possible, but this setup works. For example other company have only one orchestrator an seperate PROD and TEST with Environments…

Ohhh this does make sense but you didn’t mention the listing of the Studios?