Robot activation with another Orchestrator

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Hi All,

I have been going through the forum to find answers for below scenarios :

Lets say…

  1. Comp1 buys 5 unattended robot license - 2018.4, studio and Orchestrator
  2. Comp2 buys 5 unattended robot license - Assuming they have bought 2018.4 version too, studio and Orchestrator

Now Comp1 and Comp2 in contract want to use all the 10 BOTs under one orchestrator which is setup by Comp2 and it has all the required infrastructure.
Is it possible to connect Comp1 robots in Comp2 Orchestrator and activate the license from Orchestrator ? if yes, how to do that ?

Will Comp2 Orchestrator allow to run 10 Robots in parallel and can we have all these ROBOTs in high density environment like Windows 2016 Server ?

Will there be any compatibility issue, incase Comp2 has higher version than 2018.4 ?

What are the pros & cons in terms of licensing, taking back the license later and Comp1 takes contract with another company and want use the same license ?

Thank you

Hi @vijayakumarkj,

I think that can be done, all you will need to do is release the old licenses and then load them to the other orchestrator using the text file created… Hope this helps :slight_smile: