How to install a studio on a machine that already contains a single robot


I have the following configuration :
VM 1 : Orchestrator
VM 2 : Robot only

I want to install a studio that I have the license for on the VM 2 which simply contains the robot. I have modified the installation so to install the studio part and now my robot is connected but not licensed. Did I do something wrong during the installation or is it normal and I just need to license the studio ?

Also, the studio is not able to get the license from the orchestrator, should I put the license offline ?

Regards, Maxime.

Hi @Maxime_Bonis

Currently, currently you can only have 1 license per machine, which means that in this scenario your Studio should run on the Robot license. This is only allowed for debugging purposes, as it would be running on either Attended or Unattended license.

If your end goal is to have two licenses - Development + either Attended/Unattended on the same machine user, then this is currently unfortunately not supported.

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It worked fine when we run studio installation without admin permission. Idk why… But studio get robot licence already installed and could connect directly to the orchestrator on premise.

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