Studio and Robot licenses installed on the same machine (no Orchestrator)

Dear all,

We have 4 machines and 8 studio/robot licenses. We recently acquired 4 more machines and meant to activate the remaining licenses on them. However only 2 licenses were possible to activate and then both keys were fully activated.

We have 2 license keys:

  • 1 with 4 Studios
  • 1 with Orchestrator and 4 Unattended

Orchestrator is not yet installed or activated.

My guess is 2 of the machines have both a studio and a robot license installed. How can I confirm this?

And if so, how can I transfer 2 studio licenses from these machines to the new ones so I end up with:

Total 8 machines:

  • 4 machines with Studio
  • 4 machines with Robots


@ovi Can you please help ? :slight_smile:

We had the same issue here… The studio licence overrides the Orchestor licence, so you can not use Studio and Orchestor Lic on the same robot, e.g. for debuging. You will have to delete licence Folder and reassign licence in Orchestator to make it work.

Problem is, we don’t have orchestrator installed in order to reassign the license.