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Hi All,

Would you be kind enough to help me answer the following questions, I need to be very clear to answer these to our client.

What comes with the package when I buy Orchestrator? I read in community, it is true that orchestrator come with 10 unattended and attended bots each?

In one of my earlier conversations with a UiPath technical help, they told me it is best practice not to install Orchestrator and the Robots on the same machine; as you don’t want to have the controlling system and the robot in the same environment.

Also we bought 1 unattended bot separately, does it come with a test and UAT kind of bot to be deployed and tested before putting in PROD. Or can we install that 1 unattended bot in test and UAT server to test them.

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Hi Priya,

The Orchestrator license does not come with robots licenses. Can you give me the forum thread were this was discussed, maybe it’s a misunderstanding somewhere. Instead, you can use Orchestrator for robot license management, but you’ll need to buy licenses for the robots.

Yes, Orchestrator should not be installed on the same machine with the Robots. Also, the SQL Server should be on a separate machine.

Regarding your license question, you should contact support - https://www.uipath.com/contact-technical-and-activations



Hi Silviu,

Thank you so much for taking your time to clarify my doubts. I really appreciate that. This was the post that I came across yesterday, threw me off guard.

My understanding is that we need to buy Studio license to build the bots, Robot license to run those bots, and Orchestrator license to manage those bots.

I have another question on this one, Can orchestrator be installed on a server that has studio installed? Will the studio affect the orchestrator

Thanks again!



You’re right.
Studio is the development tool, you’ll need one for each developer.
Robot is the runtime that executes the automation process. You can run multiple processes on the same robot, one after another and you can run same process on multiple robots, in parallel.
A single Orchestrator license is enough to manage up to 10000 robots, but you’ll need some serious hardware for that.

Technically, yes, it’s possible to install Orchestrator on a server that has Studio installed. Only that Studio is installed there will not affect Orchestrator. But when a developer will log on to that machine and start using the Studio and other applications, the performance will be affected.
In practice, you should install on different machines: Orchestrator on a server machine with Windows Server OS, Studio on a development machine with Windows client OS.



Hi @PD2,

Is it ok if i make this public? there may be others with the same questions.



Hi Viorela,

Sure go ahead and make it public. This is definitely useful.

Thank you to Silviu for providing clarity.




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Hi @PD2,

Is it ok if i make this public? there may be others with the same questions.


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