Setup a High Density robot’s environment using a server (checklist)

  • Make sure that you activate the Remote Desktop License on the server. (more details here: Activate a Remote Desktop License Server | Microsoft Learn)

     **Note:** To check if this license is enabled go to: Server manangement and see if the remote desktop services role is installed 
  • Local users should be in the remote desktop group (or in admin group). Domain users can be also added to the remote desktop group on the machine (or pushed using a group policy object)

    Note: If the RDP license is not activated or the users (robot users) are not in the right groups you will get errors when you start the job like: A specified logon session does not exist. It may already have been terminated

    Note: If you have RDP license only for 3 users and you try to start 4 robots, you will get the following error: Executor start process failed, reason System.UnauthorizedAccessException: Access is denied.

  • Check C:\ProgramData\UiPath\UiPath.Settings and make sure that you have the following setting: “LoginToConsole”: false. If LoginToConsole is set to true an error occurs when you start the job from orchestrator: “The requested resource is in use”

    Note: When you change this settings a service (UiRobotSvc) restart is required

Before starting the robots from Orchestrator make sure that all the users profile are created and you can connect with them using mstsc.

Other resources:

  • More details cand be found in our Orchestrator User Guide for 2016.2 (Appendix 1 - Setting Up Windows Server for High-Density Robots).

  • Here is a video recorded by @Ovidiu_Bestea on how to configure a High Density robot Sign in to your account


Here is a video recorded by @Ovidiu_Bestea on how to configure a High Density robot Sign in to your account




This is a great resource. Thanks guys.

@Ovidiu_Bestea - you are a legend! :smiley:

Hi, is Orchestrator required to be able to utilize the High Density feature? Or does it work also if you have only the Remote Desktop Session Host licenses and the server configured correctly? Robots would obviously be triggered manually or through task scheduler in this case.

If Orchestrator is required for the HD feature, then it would be a good reason to get the Orchestrator license…

Orchestrator is not required for HD robots (you can use the front office robot on a server). Windows scheduler is not supported anymore, it will be difficult to schedule your robots.


Yes but the majority of people at UiPath would not recommend running many processes without Orchestrator (or an equivalent) installed? Correct?

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