High-Density Robots Requirements Question

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I have 4 licences, 2 attended and 2 unattended, and I don’t want to use 4 VM. I’ve just checked “About high-density robots” in the Uipath Guide, and I am still missing some stuff:

  1. I understand that with different users is possible to run the attended and unattended robots in paralel, am I right?
  2. What about the hardware and software requirements? It doesn’t say anything and it is the part I am most concerned about. Do I have to calculate the new requirements adding the individual requirement of each robot? An example: with 4 VM I would need 4x2,4GHz 64-bit on each VM, do I need (4x) 4x2,4GHz 64-bit for a high-density robot?
  3. Could I have another user with a Studio licence in the same machine?
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  1. Yes, but you will need to enable some settings to allow for multiple logon sessions at the same time. Like for Windows Server, you would need the Remote Licensing installed for this which may require you to consult your Server Admins unless you can do it yourself. Windows 10 Enterprise may also have this feature with the Multi Session enabled, but I’m pretty sure Windows 7 does not without a workaround that isn’t supported by Microsoft.

  2. I would recommend starting at 16GB RAM minimum, assuming you also don’t have Orchestrator installed on the same server, then you might need more. Also consider the hard drive space on the Orchestrator server mainly, because if the C Drive is partitioned to like 20-30GB, then that will only leave you about 10GB which is like nothing at all and will cause some issues. EDIT: also adding to this, that if the C Drive is partitioned poorly then you can redirect the Execution Logs or other data to the other drive that is partitioned with more space.

  3. Another user can use the Studio on the same machine, however if the machine is connected to Orchestrator, it requires that it has a Robot with that username. Otherwise, the user won’t be able to run their project. There is also a developer license now that each user can use to connect to their instance of Orchestrator; just make sure that if you use the same machine that is already connected to Orchestrator, that you copy the same Robot Key into the newly created Robot for the user.

I hope this answers your questions. You can probably find some more details on this by searching and checking out recent posts or the release notes for 2018.2.2


Thanks a lot for the help!!

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