Clarifiction: High Density Robots

I have been through all the available documentation and there is still something unclear to me. I wonder if someone could help me with the following clarifications.

  1. If I setup a server as a robot, adding multiple userids, does that result in one “group” robot (all with the same GUID) or many robots?
  2. Based on the above, how can these robot(s) be allocated to environments? Are all the robots on the same machine required to be in the same environment? Or can I dedicate some userids (robots) to one environment and other userids (robots) to another environment?

I am trying to figure out if I can use one large server and carve it up to serve multiple environments, or if I need to establish servers per environment? The issue here is that I need to use pools of users with different security permissions (ie. users belong to different business units and do not all have access to the same applications).

Thank you.

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Thanks, Ash. I did read all that but I am still left with the above questions…


  1. Create 15 users on your server. In Orchestrator you provide 15 robots (robot1, robot2,…, robot15) with your users (user1, user2, …, user15) with the same Machine name (server machine name) and the same Key.
  • now you have 15 robots using a single server
  1. You can allocate robots to any environment, e.g.
  • robot1, robot2, robot3, … robot7 in Environment1
  • robot8,…, robot15 in Environment 2

Let me know if you have other questions.

Thank you!

Do you need to install the robot software as an administrator user or do you need to install it individually in each of the users of the HD server?

Hey Andrei, one more quick question I am using 2012 R2 server in High Density- i have two robots running and accessing Excel - one process/robot trying to kill the application ? what will be the impact of this action on another robot…
when i tried it my first bot which is trying to kill excel is facing the error?