High density robots- can't add new

I want to run multiple robot instance in a same machine using different user accounts. I can add 2 non-production robots in the orchestrator,and they are successfully running in the same machine parallally. But when I tried to add a third robot, orchestrator shows a message saying to update the licence. How can I manage this situation. How to add multiple robots to a single machine? I am using orchestrator version 2017.1.6547

  1. Go to Settings>License Tab and see how many Non Production Robots are available.
  2. Check the limit of users your RDP license allows. I think by default its 2 or 3, you need to purchase licenses to allow more users.
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only 2 non-production robots are available in settings

You need to add more licenses to the Orchestrator to provision more than 2 robots.

@ovi can assist you better if you need more information.

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Yes, you’ll need one license for each robot provisioned. High density allows you to define multiple robots on the same Windows Server machine, using different user accounts, but each one will subtract one license.


I activated the robot in my machine using new activation code and email through regutil and exported the licence file and uploaded it on the orchestrator. But it shows no change

You should contact UiPath customer support for your problem, they should know your license details and can provide you with the license file to upload to Orchestrator.