Configure the Multibot in the Latest version of Orchestrator 2020, PLEASE HELP

Hello UiPath Experts,

Can any one help me how to add the multi bots in the new Orchestrator?

I know how to do it in the old Orchestrator…

But in new not able to do it… Kindly help me with this,

Thanks in Regards,

You have given me the links of High density… i know about it.
But i am working on New Orchestrator…
If you have steps or screenshots please share it , it will be more useful.
Need to fix it sooner.

Thank you

If you are working on CE orchestrator, I don’t think that feature is available. Everyone would run 100s of robots if that is the case. You have to set up your infrastructure for HDR capability which is part of the Enterprise licensing.

what is CE?
we have created the folder by name NAR- in this we have added all processes assets etc.

Community Edition

Nope its a enterprise edition in our company…

So like older version of orchestrator , i tried to add the multiple bots ,

I am stuck :frowning:
Not getting any idea…

In that case you must understand that you have to have a Windows Server that needs to be configured for HDR. And then Bullet Point 3 on this page below is what you are likely looking for.
There is an animated GIF that shows the process of assigning runtimes for HDR on Orchestrator.


Okay i went though the article, but still have some gaps in getting the things.

not getting what to be done at this point…

any idea , how shall i configure 2 bots for same process…

If you are having an Enterprise license, you can raise a ticket with UiPath support. I’m sure they can give you a better response based on what licensing your company has. You are paying from the support not just the product with your Enterprise license.


I dont think so the Multibot architecture is supported in the latest version of the uipath Orchestrator.

I went through complete article, and i see its letting me to allocate only one user at a time.
If dynamically then also it takes only one user at a time…
yup i have to raise a ticket to support.

Our company has Enterprise license. We are in the process of purchasing the HDR feature.

Our company already has high density robo
But in the new 2020 its not possible for multibot
anyway going to raise a ticket.
and thanks for the materials…


Hi Seema,

I think

This option will resolve user issue but i am not sure why it is not available for you this settings.

Hi Kalyan,

there is no option of specific robot.
Also i got connected with UiPath support team.
The multibot concept is rolledout in new Orchestrator. Rather dynamic robots can be added.


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