Transaction is postponed in set transaction status activity

An exception “This queue item has not been processed yet error code 1000.” is thrown in set transaction status activity.

Please suggest the solutions.

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Could you provide more details about this issue?

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Kindly check whether the queue name in the orchestrator and in your studio or the config file is same
Then make sure that the orchestrator is connected with the machine before running the process
–Finally check whether the queue item is in which status, if its in New then change it to In Progress and the change to any status that we want to be with

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This occurs when you try to change the status of a queue item that has a “New” state. It won’t let you change this status. So, you need to make sure you are getting the queue item from the “Get Transaction Item” activity, which changes the “New” to “In Progress”. If you are using “Get Queue Items” or anything else to get the item, then you might be using a queue item that has a “New” status.

Hope that helps.