UiPath queue transaction status flow

Hi All,

I am playing/learning UiPath queue and transaction behaviour and so far I have understood few things as per the documentation and tutorials. However what I am missing in the document and in the forum is how that transaction status flow work and when/where/how can we update the transaction status?

So far what I have achieve is:-

  • When we add new item to the queue the status that get assigned in orchestrator is New
  • After that we use GetItemTransaction activity to get the transcation item and then we can change the staus to either success or failed using Set Transaction Status activity.
  • If we don’t use the Set Transaction Status activity and just leave GetItemTransaction activity blank the status that get assigned in orchestraor is Progress

My question is, is that all we can do with the status or how can we change the status to whatever we like using Sutdio and Orchestrator both att any given time to any given stage from any give stage.