Change Transaction from New to In Progress Without using Get Transaction Item Activity

Hello! I have the following scenario I need to pull multiple transactions at once for that I’m using Get Queue Items and based in a series of conditions the transaction status should be change, if one transaction fails the rest must be marked as failed too. The issue is that when I pull the transaction all are in New status due this scenario the Set Transaction Status Activity does not allow to change the status because the Transaction has not been marked as In Progress.

My question is if there is another workaround that allows to change from New to another status

Hi @Estpl26,

Using get queue item activity to get the queue item and loop through queue item using set transaction status activity can change the status.

Hello @arivu96! thanks for the response I have tried your recommendation but it keeps failing, the following error appears “Set Transaction Status: This queue item has not been processed yet. Error code: 1852”

I’m adding a screenshot of the testing flow that I created to test your advice.