Set Transaction Status Cannot Change Transaction Status

Hello everyone,
I’m using orchestrator queue just for monitoring. In Get Transaction Data State, I added Add Transaction Item with my datas and get TransactionItem as a QueueItem. In Process State, I’m using Set Transaction Status that created by Uipath REFramework. I passed my TransactionItem as argument that workflow.
When I publish the project, first week there was no problem at all. But after a while, set transaction status workflow doesn’t change transaction item in orchestrator. Transaction status is always In Progress after 24 hours it’s setted to Abandoned.
How can I fix this?

Hi @abdullahtayhan

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It seems like there is an issue with your process and some queue items are never resolved. What I mean by that is that after fetching them, their status is never set to either Success or Failed. This results in the queue item being stuck at In Progress for 24 hours and then becoming Abandoned (this is expected behaviour).

I would suggest debugging the process using data from Abandoned queue items to see what and where is going wrong.