Error in 'Set Transaction Status' execution step - Set Transaction Status: This queue entry has not been processed yet. error code: 1852


Error Log Message : Set Transaction Status: 이 큐 항목이 아직 처리되지 않았습니다. Error code: 1852

Why did the error occur?

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Hi @sumouse

When the Get Transaction Activity is executed, then the queue item will be set to In progress status.
This is a part of RE-Framework.
We can’t set manually the status of queue item to In progress.
Hope this helps you.

Can’t ‘TransactionItem’ imported using ‘QueueItem.First’ be terminated with ‘Set Transaction Status’?

So basically you want to set it as successful right?

If so
You can set the status of transaction item when the status is In Progress.

But here I believe it’s new :new:

In the process in the image of the first article I wrote, I wonder what other activity should be used if it is not ‘Set Transaction Status’ Activity.

Error Code 1852 means TransactionNotStarted


First, add a Get Queue Items activity

Then add a For Each activity

Then add a Get Transaction Item activity

In the end, you can configure the Set Transaction Status activity


Let us know if this helped.

좋은 설명 감사드립니다.

알려 주신 내용은 알고 있습니다. ^^;;

제가 설명이 부족했었나 봅니다.

ie_Queue.First 를 이용해서 가져온 트랜잭션아이템을 종료하는 방법이 궁금합니다.

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