Server require in production

Hi, I have to run the 4 Unattendent robots on One server.

I have some query, please suggest.

  1. Can we run 4 unattended robots simultaneously at the same time on the same machine?
  2. If I install Orchestrator and SQL server on the same machine will it impact the robots? OR you suggest me to install both on the separate server?
  3. How can I install 4 Robots license for 4 Robots on the same machine?
  4. I have 4 different window logins on the same machine and 4 people can connect at the same time and work.

@Palaniyappan @lakshman

How many servers do we need to run 4 unattended robots in production?

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Let’s go one by one

Yah that’s possible with high density robot with same machine but of different user

No not so and moreover orchestrator is a web application and it can be accessed with a server having browser

Kindly increase the concurrent runtime
For more details

Cheers @balkishan


take a look at licensing terms as well -here: