Infrastructure: multiple attended robots on a server


We are deploying attended robots on a virtual server-environment. The idea is that business users log into the server (via remote desktop) and start their robot when necessary. We prefer this approach over installing UiRobot on workstations. Multiple users can log into the server at the same time using different Windows sessions.

However, we have noticed that it’s not possible to run multiple robots at the same time despite there being different Windows sessions. UiRobot queues them. I understand this, from a licensing perspective, otherwise you could run a dozen robots with one license. :slight_smile:

Is there a way to run multiple robots parallel on one server using different windows sessions? Or do we need multiple virtual servers to achieve this?


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Any answer?

Hi @trog @Stephu

This seems like the exact use case for the High Density setup, see here:

correct URL

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