How to Install 4 robots on 1 Production Server setup for all 4 user profiles?

Hi, I have one Production Sever and 4 different user logins, with different username & password.
So I have to install 4 robots for all 4 different logins on one production server, so how can I install 4 robots on one server. I already installed one robot on a production server. So rest 3, I have to install on the same production server please help me on this how to install rest of the 3 robots, so that I use all 4 robots on same server.

OR I need 4 server to run 4 robots???

Do I need to add in the orchestrator, or I have to take help from UiPath Technical Team ??

@Lahiru.Fernando @lakshman @Palaniyappan kindly reply

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Hi @loginerror @Pablito @ovi kindly help on this.

We have a One Production server and 4 different users profile, can we install all 4 robots for all users.
Since I have installed one robot on the Production server. so we have 3 more robot license to install for rest of the users. how can we do this? please suggest

@lakshman help on this

Hello guys @iumerparay @balkishan

May I know what’s the license type you have purchased for these 4 robots?

Also, why are you connecting users to the production server? Are we looking at a unattended scenario or an attended automation scenario?

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Hi I have 4 Unattended Robot - Concurrent Run-time license but the license key I have one.
Bcz I want to run the 4 robots on one server. So what I think is I create 4 users profile in the server and install the 4 robots? what you say please suggest?

I have some query.

  1. I have to run all 4 Robots at the same time using the same production server for all 4 Robots.
  2. So if I create 4 users profile with 4 different credentials and install robot for each user on the same production server.
  3. OR I have 4 server to Run 4 Robots?

Please suggest?? .

@iumerparay @balkishan

For this you people has to use High Density Robots.