SendWindowMessages turns all letters to lowercase when typing words to cmd

I am trying to type “Abc” into a cmd window using “type into” with SendWindowMessages.
However, robot keep typing in “abc” instead of “Abc”

I have the following constraints and try the following methods:

  1. I must use “Sendwindowmessages” as I have blocked the other input methods (simulate type, default type) using system trigger (tigger input: keyboard; eventmode: eventblock)
  2. I have tried using “set to clipboard” and then “send hotkey” of ctrl V → returns a “write text failed error”
  3. I have tried sending window message with/without selector, “click before typing”, “empty field” → not working
  4. I have tired adding 2 s of delay time before the action, using delay activities or changing delaybefore property of the type into action → not working
  5. An interesting fact is that when the selector of the “type into” action is empty, the case of words will not be changed but the words can’t get to the cmd window when the keyboard even_block action is enabled in the system trigger activity → I cannot remove the system trigger as I need to block user manual keyboard action
  6. I have to use the “start process” to start the cmd with arguments and cannot type in the “Abc” inside the “start process” argument

What can I do? Please help me to type in uppercase in the cmd window when I have blocked the keyboard actions (simulate type, default type).

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Buddy @RoboticKK

Welcome to UiPath Community

Add some time in delaybetweenkeys property in type into activity buddy @RoboticKK, this occurs with cmd…

Cheers buddy, kindly try and let know whether this works or not

I have tried adding 10s delay, not working

Buddy do you mean delay between keys are delay,.?

I have tried using “delay” activity and changed the “delaybefore” property of the “type into” activity

May i have a view on your xaml buddy…all with project.json file zipped together @RoboticKK


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Buddy, @RoboticKK

Its resolved buddy, yahhhh

  1. Once after entering the cmd in start used the following sequence buddy
  2. Type into activity – with cmd window as selector and value as “”
  3. Created a variable nname, with value “Abc” in string format and passed that as text input to set to clipboard activity buddy
  4. Click activity to click the cmd window
  5. and here is the surprise, in cmd when we right click we get the option like PASTE, i just used another click activity to click that paste option, so the set clipboard value of Abc is getting pasted and thus we get the value as expected Abc and not as abc

Here is the sample xaml that i used to test, just run and give any keyboard trigger with keys (2.8 KB)

Thats all buddy you are all done…


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is that working buddy, kindly let know buddy @RoboticKK


Thank you so much!!! right click in cmd works in this scenario!! :+1::+1::+1:

Still, I hope UiPath can solve this “case-insensitive” sendwindowmessage typing in this scenario.

Amazing buddy…kindly close this topic with right comment marked as solution that could help others looking for ideas under your topic…

Cheers buddy @RoboticKK

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