Type into activity - changes to Caps


Hey all,

Back again, It may sound weird… but wanted to check if anyone faced this scenario.

I processed few file activities and saved multiple files in my local machine once the process is completed.
while saving i use to rename the file like say “PROD_02-01-2018”+ item + “.xls”.

It works fine while saving… but intermittently, got to see few files saving like “prod_02-01-2018”+item+".XLS".
Like, the lowercase letters to upper case and the vice versa for some files.

Does anyone faced this issue? if yes, did i miss any thing to check on?



Hey there,
Looks like “SendWindowsMessages” property is checked(uncheck and try).:thinking:
You can also use SetText activity or TypeInto with simulate key checked.


Thanks for response… but can you please explain how that will suit in this situation? as i think simulate or sendwindows message is also a background typing action…?


Yes both works in background but send windows message tends to convert to lower case.
Simulatekey works like clear +paste at once (same as set text activity ).