Type into activity - changes to Caps

Hey all,

Back again, It may sound weird… but wanted to check if anyone faced this scenario.

I processed few file activities and saved multiple files in my local machine once the process is completed.
while saving i use to rename the file like say “PROD_02-01-2018”+ item + “.xls”.

It works fine while saving… but intermittently, got to see few files saving like “prod_02-01-2018”+item+“.XLS”.
Like, the lowercase letters to upper case and the vice versa for some files.

Does anyone faced this issue? if yes, did i miss any thing to check on?


Hey there,
Looks like “SendWindowsMessages” property is checked(uncheck and try).:thinking:
You can also use SetText activity or TypeInto with simulate key checked.

Thanks for response… but can you please explain how that will suit in this situation? as i think simulate or sendwindows message is also a background typing action…?

Yes both works in background but send windows message tends to convert to lower case.
Simulatekey works like clear +paste at once (same as set text activity ).

I still have this problem as recent as the last 2 months. I had a workflow that was logging in perfectly for several weeks. I’m using the Type Secure Text activity with Simulate Type set to True.

And then one day, the password started turning into upper case.

I still haven’t resolved the issue and I really don’t know why things that work break.

Following workarounds don’t work:

  • Disabling SimulateType - RISKY! The Robot does not move to the Password Box - it types the user name and password as a single text revealing the password. Weak!
  • Enabling Send Windows Message is even bizzare - the CAPS lock toggles ON/OFF several times
  • Typing caps hotkey before typing in password does not have any effect

Hey @AndyMenon

Could you maybe record a gif to showcase this interaction with Simulate Type turned off?
It sounds strange. You can use the ScreenToGif app, it’s super convenient for that.

I will try once more to reproduce this error. But more serious beyond this is that , I was able to create a scenario on how Type Secure Text activity could be used to unmask passwords easily.

It’s a combination of settings in UiPath, and the feature of the website that makes this possible.

Unfortunately, I can’t record this as my own credentials will be exposed. I will create a test rig with instructions on how you may be able to reproduce this on your end.



Please see the attached zip file.
The instructions to test this test rig are in a word document.


TestRig_Expose_SecureText.zip (130.6 KB)

I’m also facing this issue.
While typing password by using Type Into activity, password is changing its case.
anyone has solution for this ?


@Snehal_Bhole we must try to reproduce this behavior.
What UIAutomation.Activities version u have and what type of target application r u using?



did your issue is resolved?. i too facing same issue when entering textbox of SAP